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Privacy Policy

1. Our Commitment to Protect Your Privacy

In Air Golden, we are committed to protecting your personal and data privacy. To ensure that you can make informed decisions and feel confident about supplying your Personal Data (as defined below) to us when using our website and other services, we provide this notice outlining our practices and the choices you have concerning how your Personal Data is being collected and used by us.

2. The Personal Data We Collect

We request information from you in several areas of our website and other channels that may be used to personally identify you (“Personal Data”), including but not limited to:

  1. Your personal information such as your name, gender, date of birth or other personally identifiable number and information about your registered status with any of our subsidiaries, associated companies and/or business associates;

  2. Your contact information such as your telephone numbers, email addresses.

  3. Your business information such as company name, business title and associated contact information;

  4. Your travel details such as flight information, travel companions’ personal information, destination contact information, seat and meal preferences, flight and hotel preferences, and information related to traveler special needs;

  5. Your responses to market surveys and contests conducted by us or on our behalf.​

Certain Personal Data (particularly relating to your personal information and contact information) are required for specific services and if you fail to supply such Personal Data as requested from each specific service, we may be unable to deliver you the services in full.

3. How to Access or Correct Your Personal Data

You may request access to and correct your Personal Data held by us. If you wish to obtain a copy of any of your Personal Data, if you believe that the Personal Data relating to you which we collect and maintain is incorrect, or if you believe that the Personal Data held by us was used beyond the scope of the purpose of use disclosed above or was acquired by fraudulent or unlawful means or provided to a third party without your prior consent, please write to us at the address below.

4. Links to Other Sites

This website contains links to other sites that are operated by third party companies with different privacy practices. You should remain alert when you leave our site and read the privacy statements of other websites. We have no control over Personal Data that you submit to or receive from these third parties.

5. Data Controller

Any personal data provided to or gathered by AirGolden is controlled primarily by AirGolden.

6. Retention of Data

All Personal Data that has been collected from you will only be stored for a limited duration that is relevant to the purpose for which it was processed and for as long as required by applicable law.

This notice is written in English language and may be translated into other languages. In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the translated version of this notice, the English version shall prevail.


  • ​​​​Only the administrator group has the right to modify, delete or add the rules.

1.1 All the members, staff and administrators must follow the rules specified in this part. 1.2 Members should be courteous and respectful. 1.3 Members are required to use legal software. 1.4 Member cannot copy, or modify the materials owned by AirGolden, for example, operation,manual, tutorial, liveries or any programs. 1.5 Without permission of administrator, the members must not hold any online flying event on behalf of AirGolden 1.6 Only the members of administrator group and staff group would speak on behalf of AirGolden. ​

  • ​2.1. Before Connecting

2.1.1 – As a minimum, pilots must be able to take off and land at an airport.

2.1.2 – Pilots must be able to comply with basic air traffic control instructions such as being instructed to turn onto a particular heading or being given a level to climb or descend to. 2.1.3 – Pilot users must connect only with the approved software and have a basic understanding of how to use it. 2.1.4 – Pilot users shall not connect to the network while positioned on a runway or taxiway as this may cause conflicts with other aircraft. 2.1.5 – Pilot callsigns should be either three letters (ICAO) with numbers/letters to represent Commercial Carriers, e.g. AGD005 = “Golden 005”, AGL002 = "Golden Lite 002".

  • ​​2.2. Online

2.2.1 – Pilot users must have transponder activated whilst in the air. 2.2.2 – Prior to each flight, all pilot users are required to file a flight plan through the approved pilot software. 2.2.3 – If you are a new or inexperienced user, it is recommended that you place a remark indicating this in your flight plan so air traffic controllers know to provide you with extra assistance if required. 2.2.4 – In areas without air traffic control, pilot users must monitor “UNICOM” 122.800 on their communications radio. 2.2.5 – In areas without air traffic control, pilot users should check for air traffic control on a regular basis and contact the appropriate air traffic control station when requested to do so. 2.2.6 – Never use the Emergency (also known as GUARD) frequency of 121.500 for anything other than an emergency situation. 2.2.7 – Pilots should always readback and follow ATC instructions unless doing so could endanger the operation of the aircraft. 2.2.8 – Simulation of a radio failure (i.e. squawking 7600) is not cause to ignore ATC instructions in case of a conflict or requests from supervisors.

AirGolden – a VA partner of IVAO Copyright © 2017 Air Golden

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